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(GRAFT) GLASS is a protocol that is designed to be an all-in-one platform for the gaming industry making it easier than ever before for game developers to reach players and vice versa the network will support games on any operating system and will connect them to their target audience

 It’s also the first block chain project that has been created with actual working products (i.e. Graft mobile apps,

which are already available on Android or iOS and can be used for in-store purchases)

GRAFT has already established partnerships with several casinos in Asia Eastern Europe and South America

as well as mobile app stores from India and China.

GLASS is a very powerful and popular file manager for IOS devices,

 It’s one of the most used File manager apps available in the App Store with a user base of 1,000,000+ downloads,

GLASS is useful and flexible app that can be used on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad.


Float GLASS is a type of flat glass produced by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal resulting in a smooth flat front surface.

 The process was developed by Sir Alastair Pilkington and patented in 1944. ;

Float glass is the most commonly used form of sheet glass today.

A new kind of glass is on the market It’s unique because it can float on water ,

but will sink if you put a heavy object in the glass,

The idea for this concept came from a Ken Lewis an American software engineer

who started playing around with the concept when he got bored during lunch breaks at work He told Discovery News:

As I was working on my master’s degree I worked with molten metals,

and became fascinated by how a slight amount of mass can change the way things move,

and interact I started experimenting with different types of glasses and found that some floated while others sank”


As you already know the glass used in windows is placed between two panes of glass the main reason ,

Why a double-glazed window is more energy efficient than a single-glazed one is because

the air trapped between the two panes of glass helps insulate it from outside elements.

 This means that your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Glass containers are a great option to serve food and drinks ,

These products offer a variety of options including different shapes ,

and sizes Glass containers are also versatile meaning they can be used in a variety of ways.


are made of drawn glass fibers and do not require any type of preparation ,

These filaments may be used directly in the spinning position of a filament winding machine.

GLASS Fiber Filaments are made of glass fiber with high strength and have been used in many recent years,

The continuous glass fiber filaments have a relatively light weight ,

which has increased the demand for them in aerospace engineering automotive industry shipbuilding industry and so on.


ES TECHNICAL GLASSES are a conceptual pair of augmented reality glasses,

They provide instant and real-time information about the surrounding environment to their wearer through the use of an assortment of sensor panels embedded in the frames,

These sensors collect data from the immediate physical surroundings and send it to a central database via Bluetooth ,

Which is then processed by machine learning algorithms in order to produce relevant data,

that can be displayed on the lenses of the eyewear.

ES Technical GLASSES are similar to safety glasses ,

but they have additional features that make them ideal for use in laboratories and other areas .

where high-tech equipment is used These features include shatter-resistant lenses anti-fog coating protective coatings and tinted ,or photochromic lenses.

The use of the anti-reflective coating helps reduce glare while providing protection from damage

caused by UV rays Protective coatings help preserve the integrity of the lens,

And ensure its longevity in adverse conditions Photochromic lenses automatically

adjust to light conditions Tinted lenses help you see objects better as well as reduce glare especially for indoor work.


The glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite of glass fiber ,

and resin Polyester resin lends to the strength of the GRP,

while the glass fibers impart resistance to temperature and chemical attack.

 it is made by heating reflective raw materials in a furnace

and then drawing out the molten material into strands using high-pressure air ,

The strands are then wound together before being immersed in resin thereby

binding them together into sheets or rolls that can be used for GRP production.

Glass fibers are one of the best insulation materials as they have low thermal conductivity and do not absorb moisture.

Glass fiber’s most common application is in fiberglass-reinforced plastic,

Which is used to make boats cars and other vehicles ;

this type of composite material has a very high strength-to-weight ratio Glass fibers ,

can also be used for insulation: for example glass wool is often used in homes to insulate the walls.

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