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High Quality ZMTS Egypt Solutions For Raw Materials & Minerals !

Minerals is a general term meaning the earth natural resources, We are
specialized in rock extraction, sizing, crushing and grinding

Calcium Carbonate

We manufacture finest egyptian origin quality minerals calcium carbonate powder, whiteness > 97%, 95% & 92%, we offer10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 45, 75, 100, 125 micron.

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LimeStone Granules

We manufacture best quality Limestone Granules - Chips Feed Grade egypt stone minerals, 3-4 mm, 2-3 mm, 0.5-1.5 mm, 0.2-1 mm, 5-15 mm, 10-200 mm.

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LimeStone Lumps

We produce best quality LimeStone Lumps 1-20cms, 0.5-5 cms, 2-9 inchs, mainly used in calcium carbonate powder manufacturing, quick Lime, Sugar Industries, Glass & Steel

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limestone Glass Grade

We produce LimeStone Granules and LimeStone Lumps perfectly suited for float glass, container glass, glass lamps.

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Natural CaMg(Co3)2 Powder, Granules or Lumps, used in iron manufacturing, road pavement, glass manufacturing, ceramics

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Calcite Feed Grade

We manufacture best Egyptian Origin quality Limestone feed - Calcite Feed Grade granules for poultry and Calcite ( LimeStone Powder ) Feed Grade for fish and feed premixes

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Talc Powder

We produce Talc Powder & Talc Granules, for paints and cosmetics, Whiteness 92% & 94%

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Silica Sand Water Purification Grade

Silica Sand is widely used as media in water filteration and water purification, we produce finest quality.

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ZMTS Egypt Services With Minerals Expertise!

ZMTS Egypt ( Zohdy Minerals Exports ) Produces, manufacturer and export finest egyptian quality mineral, Calcium Carbonate Powder, LimeStone Granules Feed Grade, Caclium Carbonate Powder Feed, Dolomite, Talc Powder, Agriculture Gypsum Powder.

ZMTS Egypt - LimeStone -Granules - Poultry Grade -Broiler and Layer Poultry Hens Feed Grade 2-3 mm - 3-4 mm - 0.5-1 mm and 0-0.5 mm - Modern Logo

Research & Analysis

We carefully study and analyze the business requirements of our industry and customers, to develop the best mineral solutions.


Industry Development

Our Mineral industry face a continuous development challenges that request adapting to best industrial practice.


Production Launch

Calcium Carbonate, LimeStone Granules and LimeStone Lumps is our key produced minerals, we gain the trust and dependence of our clients.

Leadership Team

Expert Dedicated Team

Mining is a general term including extraction and exploration of earth minerals,
We manufacture Finest Egyptian Origin Minerals with world class service & Quality.

Abdelrahman ZohdyMarketing Manager

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Abdallah ZohdyGeneral Manager

Mohamed MostafaFinancial Manager

Mohamed AbdelrazikOperation Manager

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Trusted By More Than 2,500 Customer WorldWide !

We are manufacturers and exporters of finest egyptian minerlas,
we serve various industries sectors.

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